Los Angeles City Skyline / Downtown 3D Printed

Los Angeles City Skyline / Downtown 3D Printed

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This is a to-scale model of downtown Los Angeles. The boundaries are set by the roads, Fremont Ave, W 3rdSt, Hill St, and W 8th St.

The entire city is 3D printed as one piece. It is then attached to a 3/4" hand-cut walnut wood base. The base provides additional stability and a hand-crafted look to the piece.



7.9in x 5.8in x 3in (LxWxH)


Bright White PLA plastic - PLA (polylactic acid) is one of the best materials to create objects with a 3D printer. It is a bioplastic made from a number of plant products including corn, potatoes and sugar-beets. PLA is considered an 'earth friendly' plastic that is environmentally friendly and can be composted at commercial compost facilities. PLA can easily be painted with cellulose spray paints and oil paints, although acrylic paints are considered the best choice.

The color is a true bright white and looks stunning.


::Further Description::

Each building was modeled 1 at a time for precision. This takes a lot of work but is the best way to ensure an accurate replica of the downtown area. The scale is set at 1:5645 or every 1in is equivalent to 470ft in real life (1mm is ~18.5ft). The tallest building in Los Angeles is the Wilshire Grand Center which is 1099ft; it is 2.3in in this model (~58mm).

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